Martins Mill Packaging has over 20 years in providing industrial packaging to customers across Scotland.

Since the company began trading, Martins Mill Packaging has proven experience in providing industrial packaging solutions to a range of commercial clients throughout Scotland. We have built up an excellent reputation in Scotland due to our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality service.

Martin Mills Packaging provides a complete service for all your packaging needs with an extensive range of different products. We specialise in heavy duty one-tonne polyproline bags and sacks which are commonly used in the steel and construction industry. We also stock a wide range of different packaging tapes including hazardous and fragile types and company labelled tapes. Martins Mill Packaging also provide a range of different carboard boxes for removal delivery services across Scotland.

We provide expert and high quality industrial packaging products to a range of different industries across Scotland. Our range of boxes, protective packaging, polypropylene bags and accessories can benefit industries such as manufacturing, constructing and delivery. By buying direct through Martins Mill Packaging you are able to save money and receive a trade discount as we buy in bulk.

The experienced team at Martins Mill Packaging will be able to advise and recommend the most suitable industrial packaging solution for your individual situation and requirements. We can also design and manufacture bespoke bags on a trial-batch system.

If your Scotland based business can benefit from our range of affordable packaging solutions, call a member of our team today on 01422 363 935.