Martins Mill Packaging has over 20 year’s proven experience providing individual packaging products and services to business across the London area.

For more than 20 years Martin Mills Packaging has been a leading supplier of industrial packaging solutions to commercial clients in the London area. We have continued to expand and grow throughout London through our commitment to providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Martins Mill Packaging has become a successful company in London with our ability to provide an all-in-one base for almost every commercial packaging requirement. We provide a range of different sized heavy-duty polypropylene bags and sacks, including one-tonne sacks, to businesses in the steel and construction industry. Our range of smaller items and accessories such as cable ties, pallet wrap and shrink guns also make us a favoured choice for businesses in London.

London-based businesses also benefit from using Martins Mill Packaging as their supplier because of our commitment to health and safety and eco-friendliness in our products. We can provide fire retardant polythene bags where requested, we use acid free tissue paper, and we supply biodegradable loose-fill for cardboard boxes. Martins Mill Packaging also buy in bulk and can offer trade discounts to London business if your buy direct through us.

Martins Mill Packaging can recommend the best packaging solution that will be most effective for your London based business. If your business will benefit from our competitively priced packaging solutions, call a member of our team today on 01422 363935.