Martin Mills Packaging has over 20 year experience providing businesses in the Birmingham area with high quality and affordable packaging solutions.

For over 2 decades Martins Mill Packaging has been supplying commercial clients with industrial packaging products and services. We have built up an excellent reputation in the Birmingham area through our extensive range of commercial packaging supplies.

Our wide range of different products provides the perfect one-stop place for all your packaging needs. Whatever your industry, our products will be able to suit your specific needs and requirements. We have a wealth of experience with supplying commercial packaging to businesses in the; manufacturing, removal, delivery and construction industries in Birmingham.

Our woven polypropylene bags are a much-favoured choice for local businesses in the construction industry as they come in a range of different sizes. Our cardboards boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and loose-fill can provide everything you need for a high-quality removal service.

With businesses increasingly needing to be eco-friendly, we offer many environmental friendly alternatives to help your Birmingham business boost its social responsibility. Our polypropylene bags can be fire retardant on request, our loose-fill is biodegradable and we offer acid free tissue paper.

Using our experience and expertise, we can recommend the most effective and most affordable industrial packaging solution for your Birmingham-based business. If you are a business in Birmingham that can benefit from our competitively priced, high quality and eco-friendly packaging products, call a member of our team today on 01422 363935.