Commercial benefits of cardboard boxes


Corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the most efficient packaging products for businesses across Yorkshire and the UK. There are many reasons and benefits as to why cardboard boxes are extremely sort after, here we explore some of the main ones.

For most businesses, the costs and expenses will be the focus of much discussion and deliberation. In order to be as profitable as possible, businesses will need to look at the most cost-effective means of packaging their products. Cardboard boxes are one of the cheapest and most affordable packaging solutions and therefore can help increase the company’s profit margins.

Versatility is a huge advantage of using cardboard boxes compared to other packaging products that have a more singular use. Cardboard boxes are widely used across most industries and sectors ranging from manufacturing to construction which all make the most of its benefits.

Cardboard boxes are incredibly lightweight which works in a businesses favour for a number of reasons. Firstly it doesn’t add any extra weight to the transporting and of certain items or products which make for a much easier delivery. Secondly, having an extremely lightweight packaging solution will mean they won’t take up much room while in storage.

Another benefit of packaging with cardboard boxes is they can be recycled and reused many times. Being able to reuse the boxes multiple times will greatly reduce the costs incurred by a business.

At Martins Mill Packaging, we have our own in-house corrugated cardboard box making machine. This means we can manufacture high-quality cardboard boxes to meet the orders and demands of our customers.

Martins Mill Packaging also supply a wide range of different packaging products to suit a variety of different businesses and industries, including leno sacks and one-tonne bags.

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Which packaging solutions are best for the industrial sector


If you’re a business working in the industrial sector, either manufacturing or construction, how you package your various products can be a big concern. There are lots of factors you need to consider to make sure that you are using the most efficient, cost-effective and high-quality packaging solutions for available.

Here are some of the main packaging solutions which can work best for your businesses.

One tonne bags
One tonne bags are extremely common, and useful, in the industrial and construction sector. They are usually made of white, woven plastic material with four strong handles which can be lifted by crane. The industrial carrying bags are used to move large quantities of building materials such as sand, stone, gravel and soil.

Machine film

Pallet wrap, also known as stretch wrap, or machine film, is a must-have for most manufacturing businesses across Yorkshire. Pallet wrap can be applied either by hand or machine, and stretches round pallets and packages to make for an easy and secure transportation and storage. The benefits of wrapping your pallets in this film is that it is flexible, extremely quick and efficient and very protecting.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a standard but extremely common packaging method that is widely used across all sectors including industrial. Cardboard boxes are a cheap and affordable classic with multiple benefits such as sustainability and being highly customisable.

At Martins Mill Packaging we supply a range of high quality and durable packaging solutions to meet all kinds of needs of a business. If you’d like more information about how packaging solutions can help businesses in the industrial sector, feel free to get in touch on 01422 363935.

What packaging products are best for agriculture


From retail packaging of groceries to bulk shipments, the packaging used on agricultural products is extremely important. Businesses across the agricultural sector put a lot of time and consideration into deciding what packaging solutions they use on their products.

The products used in agriculture are much more delicate than other industries and therefore require more careful consideration. This is due to the nature of the products and how easily they can be damaged or ruined so the packaging needs to keep the products fresher for longer, reduce damage and male them appealing to customers

Here are some of the main packaging solutions that are commonly used across the agricultural sector.

Net bags

Net bags, or leno sacks, are perfect for packaging agricultural products and produced. One of the main benefits of leno sacks that make them so popular is the fact that the air permeability of the packaging can increase the life of products like onions and potatoes by more than 50%. Leno sacks are specially woven to maintain the freshness of the packaged goods by allowing airflow and by preventing moisture building up. Leno sacks are also durable, flexible, cost-effective and great for storage.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a type of packaging that is extremely versatile and can be used across almost all sectors and industries, especially agriculture. There are many properties and benefits of cardboard boxes that make them so popular. Firstly, they are a cheap and effective means of packaging which can help to keep costs down for a business and pass on these savings to its customers.

Woven bags

Woven polypropylene bags can come in a range of different types and sizes but are widely used across the agricultural sector. They do not degrade when they get wet and they are naturally resistant to tearing. As a result, this makes them perfect for packaging, transporting and storing large quantities of products such as fruits, feed and seed, vegetables and fertilizer.

It is extremely important that you understand and pick the right packaging products for your business for the short and long-term benefits.

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How your business can use Spiral Sewn Tubing


Spiral sewn tubing is an extremely useful packaging material for unusually sized and shaped objects and products. One type of product that spiral sewn packaging works great for is rolls of carpets. It provides extremely durable packaging and it is extremely flexible which is a perfect solution for tricky shaped objects.

This type of packaging is supplied as one continuous roll of flexible tubing that has a diameter large enough for thick rolls of carpets. The tubing can also be cut to length and tied off with wire ties to provide the ultimate packaging for any size needed.

At Martins Mill Packaging, the rolls of woven polypropylene tubing supplied come in a length of 225 meters, this allows you to cut, tie off and use only what you need. As a result, you can then keep and reuse the rest of the tubing for future packaging requirements which makes it one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

Martins Mill Packaging has supplied a wide range of packaging solutions for all kinds of business for over 20 years. The versatility of our products and product ranges have been used for the benefit of businesses such as builders, manufactures and removal companies across Yorkshire.

Spiral sewn tubing is an excellent type of wrapping for local businesses to have in their armoury due to the many uses and benefits it offers. Whilst the tubing is extremely versatile and flexible, it is also very durable. As a result of the high quality of the woven tubing, it ensures a safe and well-protected packaging of the product meaning it will arrive at its destination in pristine condition.

At Martins Mill Packaging, we supply both the market-leading quality of woven polypropylene spiral sewn tubing and the complementing wire ties to cut and customise them.
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The many benefits of leno sacks


At Martins Mill Packaging we provide a range of high-quality leno sacks for our commercial and domestic customers across Yorkshire and the local area.

The woven leno sacks also called net bags, are ideal for packaging lots of different products across a variety of different sectors. The sacks are a great packaging solution for things like shellfish and crustaceans, firewood, construction products, and agricultural products and produce.

Leno sacks are also even more informally known as onion or potato bags due to their common use in the agricultural sector. The bags are great for packaging fruit and vegetables due to a number of different properties they that they have.

The knitted and braided material which the sacks are made of makes them breathable and therefore great for fresh produce. This allows companies to store their produce inside whilst also being able to see through the mesh.

Safe and hygienic
The leno sacks are also especially practical for companies that are packaging either agricultural products, consumables or perishable goods. The bags are resistant to moisture which is essential for perishable goods like fie wood or vegetables as it prevents them from being damaged or rotting. This also means that no fungi can grow either on or inside the packaging.

Lightweight and durable
Another property of the leno sacks that make them incredibly useful is the fact that they are lightweight but also extremely durable. This is an extremely practical property that is essential for high-quality packaging solutions as it will mean packaging companies can transport more of them and also increase the volume of content inside.

Strong and durable
The sacks are made from polypropylene leno mesh weave that provides an extremely strong and durable material which is capable are carrying up to 50lbs of various good. Due to the shape and unique construction of the woven sacks, they are also able to stand upright.

Finally, all leno sacks provided by Martins Mill Packaging come with a drawstring pull tie to conveniently close and open the bags. We provide a range of leno sacks in different sizes, pack quantities, and colours, including red, orange and green.

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Why use cardboard boxes for removals


If you are going through a commercial or domestic removal, make sure you take advantage of the many benefits that cardboard boxes offer to the process. If you are moving possessions to a new property either for yourself or for a client, make sure you invest in high-quality cardboard boxes for a number of reasons.

Using high-quality cardboard boxes for your removal will help to make the items and belongings much safer and better protected during the journey. Either for convenience or to cut costs, some homeowners may choose to load some items individually and unpackaged, however, these are much more prone to damage. Depending on how long the journey is, the items in the car or van may slide and move around, therefore packing all your items into strong and secure cardboard boxes can help keep them safe and stop them from getting damaged.

Save space
If you take the time and preparation to neatly pack your items into cardboard boxes before the move this can save a lot of space in the removal van. By packing efficiently and saving space, this can reduce the number of journeys you take and therefore need to cover the costs of. By using cardboard boxes instead of other, awkwardly shaped means of packaging, you are able to much more concisely pack your items and save a lot of space.

Save time
Saving time during the removal process will be something everybody wants. Whether it is to reduce the stress of a family’s home move or to limit the downtime of a business during an office relocation. By using cardboard boxes this will help make the move much more organised and therefore less time-consuming. If you decide to pack similar belongings into the same box this will make unloading much simpler than if you were to pack randomly.

Martins Mill Packaging provides a range of different sized cardboard boxes to help make your removal process go much more smoothly and efficiently. If you’d like more information about our range of packaging products, contact us today on 01422 363935.

Martins Mill Packaging invest in a new box-making machine


Martins Mill Packaging has recently invested in a new box-making machine. The new investment will look to increase productivity for the Halifax-based company and is a sign of the innovative and progressive future of the company.

The new box-making machine is able to make a number of different types of plain and corrugated cardboard boxes that can be used for packaging. The boxes which can be made on-site can come in a variety of different sizes to suit the customer’s needs.

This new investment will have many long-term and short-term benefits for Martins Mill Packaging including increased productivity. By being able to manufacture cardboard boxes on site this will now mean we will be much more responsive to customer demands and orders and allow us to produce and supply boxes at a quicker rate.

Another benefit of the new box-making machine is that it will help us produce a much higher quality of service for our customers. Whilst the machine will make us not only produce boxers much faster and more proactively, the quality will also be some of the best available. By having control over the boxes on site, this allows us to implement more quality control into our products and pass on the industry-leading quality onto our customers.

Finally, the box-making machine will also benefit our local customers in terms of cost-effectiveness. As a result of manufacturing the boxes at our site in Halifax, we are able to cut costs as opposed to importing them in from a supplier. This, in turn, will help to lower our production costs and allow us to pass this on to our own customers.

Martins Mill Packaging provides a range of packaging product and supplies to commercial and domestic customers across the Yorkshire area, such as cardboard boxes and woven propylene bags. For more information call a member of our team today on 01422 363935.

What to do with your cardboard box when you’re done


You may have just moved house, just received a big delivery, or maybe you still haven’t managed to shift all the boxes from Christmas, but the question of what to do with cardboard boxes when you’re done with them remains. Here at Martin Mills Packaging, we have been providing professional packaging solutions for over 20 years, and what you do with your boxes when you’re done matters to us.

It is said that on average people in the UK will use approximately 140 cardboard boxes over the course of the year. But what do people do when they’re done with them? Throwing the boxes would be a waste and also not very environmentally friendly, so below we have made a short list of things you can do with your box/s.


The most obvious and arguably the most common thing to do with your cardboard box when you are done with it is to recycle it. It is a sustainable option and it is adopted by almost everyone, with over three quarters of cardboard now being recycled, which I good, as it accounts for almost a third of all household waste.


Cardboard boxes can be super useful in the garden. Although not necessarily the most common use for old boxes, breaking them down and adding them to compost piles can help to bulk it out as well as soak up any excess moisture. Additionally, you can use cardboard boxes to help protect plants from weeds by laying down a couple of sheets, the weeds will struggle to get through. Alternatively, to create a raised planter by grabbing an old box and filling it with soil, you can then chuck the box wherever you see fit.


Cardboard boxes are normally made to help package and organise things, hence they are conveniently a regular shape to aid organisation, so why not continue to repurpose a box in your home? They are excellent for storing things away in the attic such as Christmas decorations, old clothes and old toys etc.

They are also excellent to keep around if you need to re-package something, make labels in the house, or for general jobs it can come in handy.

At Martin Mills Packaging we have been providing professional packaging solutions for over 20 years to Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. If you have any questions about the above article or if you would like to contact us for any other reason, you can call us on: 01422 363935

5 uses for plastic bags


With the current drive to reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation as well as quantity sent to landfill people are being encouraged to reuse the ones they have. Whilst common ways to utilise used plastic bags include as bin liners, there are some more novel ways to put plastic bags to use:

For polishing: rather than staining a cloth, use a plastic bag wrapped up over the hand as a mitten to help spread furniture wax on wooden tables and chairs.

To stop dirt getting into paint: placing a plastic bag over a can of paint before you replace the lid can help stop dirt as well as bits of old dried up paint from falling into it, keeping the remainder of it fresh to use on other DIY projects.

Knees pads for gardening: if you are spending any length of time kneeling down in the garden than bags tied around the knees can help to keep clothes dry and soil free. This is great for weeding flowerbeds as well as deadheading borders.

Bike seat cover: a plastic bag can be tied over the seat of your bike when it is locked up outdoors to protect it from rain showers and ensure a dry derriere on the way home!

Wing mirror protectors: if inclement weather is forecast tying bags around each of your wing mirrors will save you time in the morning as they will not need to be de-iced or cleared of snow like the other parts of the car.

Martin Mills Packaging supply a wide range of packaging products including single, double and triple wall cartons, polythene and polypropylene bags, layer sheets, tape and bubble wrap. For more information about any of these items or to place an order please get in touch with our friendly team today on 01422 363935.

What are polypropylene bags?


Martins Mill Packaging stocks a wide range of all types of packaging, making us your Halifax one-stop shop for all your packaging needs.  We specialise in woven polypropylene bags and 1 tonne bags, and we can import any size of these useful multi-purpose bags at very competitive prices.

Polypropylene bags, or woven polypropylene bags as they are more accurately described, are manufactured from raw polypropylene pellets, which are melted at high temperature to form a malleable substance, which is extruded into thin sheets. This sheet of stretched and flattened polypropylene is then cut into very thin strips, or tapes, which are woven on looms to make an extremely hard-wearing fabric. When the polypropylene fabric is made, it can then be cut and sewn into bags of any size, or design, and used for a variety of purposes.

Polypropylene bags are reusable and durable, easy to clean and anti-bacterial,

lightweight, low density, and resistant to cracking. Polypropylene bags can be either breathable, or water proof with a laminated film. They have high operational temperatures with a melting point of 166°c, and are resistant to most alkalis and acid, making them ideal for a variety of uses within the chemical industry, but also useful in the home or business.

Martins Mill Packaging supplies polypropylene bags for industry and business, and common uses of these bags are bulk bags for storing or transporting fertilizers, cement, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as smaller scale uses such as mail bags,  small sand bags, and shopping bags.

Martins Mill Packaging can supply polypropylene bags to your own specifications and design, or you can select from the wide range of standard sizes and designs of polypropylene bags. For further information about the benefits and uses of polypropylene bags for your business, give the helpful, knowledgeable team at Martins Mill Packaging a call.