Box making

At Martins Mill Packaging, we have recently invested in a new box-making machine at our base in Halifax.

The new investment will allow Martins Mill Packaging to produce bespoke cardboard boxes on-site.

This will be a huge benefit to our customers. We understand that customers do not always require large quantities of boxes, we are able to offer bespoke boxes and wraps without a minimum quantity order.

It will allow us to have a quicker turnaround for client’s orders and we will be able to implement our own quality control to ensure we give our customers the best quality possible.

Being able to produce our own cardboard boxes on-site will also help us to keep our costs low which can then be passed on as savings to our customers.

Cardboard boxes can be used across both commercial and domestic sectors and have a number of different purposes, they are great for storage, packaging and removals.

Martins Mill Packaging sell a range of cardboard boxes, for more information, visit our online store or contact us today on 01422 363935.