From retail packaging of groceries to bulk shipments, the packaging used on agricultural products is extremely important. Businesses across the agricultural sector put a lot of time and consideration into deciding what packaging solutions they use on their products.

The products used in agriculture are much more delicate than other industries and therefore require more careful consideration. This is due to the nature of the products and how easily they can be damaged or ruined so the packaging needs to keep the products fresher for longer, reduce damage and male them appealing to customers

Here are some of the main packaging solutions that are commonly used across the agricultural sector.

Net bags

Net bags, or leno sacks, are perfect for packaging agricultural products and produced. One of the main benefits of leno sacks that make them so popular is the fact that the air permeability of the packaging can increase the life of products like onions and potatoes by more than 50%. Leno sacks are specially woven to maintain the freshness of the packaged goods by allowing airflow and by preventing moisture building up. Leno sacks are also durable, flexible, cost-effective and great for storage.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a type of packaging that is extremely versatile and can be used across almost all sectors and industries, especially agriculture. There are many properties and benefits of cardboard boxes that make them so popular. Firstly, they are a cheap and effective means of packaging which can help to keep costs down for a business and pass on these savings to its customers.

Woven bags

Woven polypropylene bags can come in a range of different types and sizes but are widely used across the agricultural sector. They do not degrade when they get wet and they are naturally resistant to tearing. As a result, this makes them perfect for packaging, transporting and storing large quantities of products such as fruits, feed and seed, vegetables and fertilizer.

It is extremely important that you understand and pick the right packaging products for your business for the short and long-term benefits.

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