At Martins Mill Packaging we provide a range of high-quality leno sacks for our commercial and domestic customers across Yorkshire and the local area.

The woven leno sacks also called net bags, are ideal for packaging lots of different products across a variety of different sectors. The sacks are a great packaging solution for things like shellfish and crustaceans, firewood, construction products, and agricultural products and produce.

Leno sacks are also even more informally known as onion or potato bags due to their common use in the agricultural sector. The bags are great for packaging fruit and vegetables due to a number of different properties they that they have.

The knitted and braided material which the sacks are made of makes them breathable and therefore great for fresh produce. This allows companies to store their produce inside whilst also being able to see through the mesh.

Safe and hygienic
The leno sacks are also especially practical for companies that are packaging either agricultural products, consumables or perishable goods. The bags are resistant to moisture which is essential for perishable goods like fie wood or vegetables as it prevents them from being damaged or rotting. This also means that no fungi can grow either on or inside the packaging.

Lightweight and durable
Another property of the leno sacks that make them incredibly useful is the fact that they are lightweight but also extremely durable. This is an extremely practical property that is essential for high-quality packaging solutions as it will mean packaging companies can transport more of them and also increase the volume of content inside.

Strong and durable
The sacks are made from polypropylene leno mesh weave that provides an extremely strong and durable material which is capable are carrying up to 50lbs of various good. Due to the shape and unique construction of the woven sacks, they are also able to stand upright.

Finally, all leno sacks provided by Martins Mill Packaging come with a drawstring pull tie to conveniently close and open the bags. We provide a range of leno sacks in different sizes, pack quantities, and colours, including red, orange and green.

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