What to do with your cardboard box when you’re done


You may have just moved house, just received a big delivery, or maybe you still haven’t managed to shift all the boxes from Christmas, but the question of what to do with cardboard boxes when you’re done with them remains. Here at Martin Mills Packaging, we have been providing professional packaging solutions for over 20 years, and what you do with your boxes when you’re done matters to us.

It is said that on average people in the UK will use approximately 140 cardboard boxes over the course of the year. But what do people do when they’re done with them? Throwing the boxes would be a waste and also not very environmentally friendly, so below we have made a short list of things you can do with your box/s.


The most obvious and arguably the most common thing to do with your cardboard box when you are done with it is to recycle it. It is a sustainable option and it is adopted by almost everyone, with over three quarters of cardboard now being recycled, which I good, as it accounts for almost a third of all household waste.


Cardboard boxes can be super useful in the garden. Although not necessarily the most common use for old boxes, breaking them down and adding them to compost piles can help to bulk it out as well as soak up any excess moisture. Additionally, you can use cardboard boxes to help protect plants from weeds by laying down a couple of sheets, the weeds will struggle to get through. Alternatively, to create a raised planter by grabbing an old box and filling it with soil, you can then chuck the box wherever you see fit.


Cardboard boxes are normally made to help package and organise things, hence they are conveniently a regular shape to aid organisation, so why not continue to repurpose a box in your home? They are excellent for storing things away in the attic such as Christmas decorations, old clothes and old toys etc.

They are also excellent to keep around if you need to re-package something, make labels in the house, or for general jobs it can come in handy.

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