With the current drive to reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation as well as quantity sent to landfill people are being encouraged to reuse the ones they have. Whilst common ways to utilise used plastic bags include as bin liners, there are some more novel ways to put plastic bags to use:

For polishing: rather than staining a cloth, use a plastic bag wrapped up over the hand as a mitten to help spread furniture wax on wooden tables and chairs.

To stop dirt getting into paint: placing a plastic bag over a can of paint before you replace the lid can help stop dirt as well as bits of old dried up paint from falling into it, keeping the remainder of it fresh to use on other DIY projects.

Knees pads for gardening: if you are spending any length of time kneeling down in the garden than bags tied around the knees can help to keep clothes dry and soil free. This is great for weeding flowerbeds as well as deadheading borders.

Bike seat cover: a plastic bag can be tied over the seat of your bike when it is locked up outdoors to protect it from rain showers and ensure a dry derriere on the way home!

Wing mirror protectors: if inclement weather is forecast tying bags around each of your wing mirrors will save you time in the morning as they will not need to be de-iced or cleared of snow like the other parts of the car.

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