Martins Mill Packaging stocks a wide range of all types of packaging, making us your Halifax one-stop shop for all your packaging needs.  We specialise in woven polypropylene bags and 1 tonne bags, and we can import any size of these useful multi-purpose bags at very competitive prices.

Polypropylene bags, or woven polypropylene bags as they are more accurately described, are manufactured from raw polypropylene pellets, which are melted at high temperature to form a malleable substance, which is extruded into thin sheets. This sheet of stretched and flattened polypropylene is then cut into very thin strips, or tapes, which are woven on looms to make an extremely hard-wearing fabric. When the polypropylene fabric is made, it can then be cut and sewn into bags of any size, or design, and used for a variety of purposes.

Polypropylene bags are reusable and durable, easy to clean and anti-bacterial,

lightweight, low density, and resistant to cracking. Polypropylene bags can be either breathable, or water proof with a laminated film. They have high operational temperatures with a melting point of 166°c, and are resistant to most alkalis and acid, making them ideal for a variety of uses within the chemical industry, but also useful in the home or business.

Martins Mill Packaging supplies polypropylene bags for industry and business, and common uses of these bags are bulk bags for storing or transporting fertilizers, cement, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as smaller scale uses such as mail bags,  small sand bags, and shopping bags.

Martins Mill Packaging can supply polypropylene bags to your own specifications and design, or you can select from the wide range of standard sizes and designs of polypropylene bags. For further information about the benefits and uses of polypropylene bags for your business, give the helpful, knowledgeable team at Martins Mill Packaging a call.