After a house move or Christmas, leftover boxes have a tendency to pile up and take over spare rooms or the hallway. Whilst cardboard boxes can be recycled, there are also many uses for them around the home too. Here are some of our favourite ways of reusing them:

Desk tidies

Smaller boxes can act as great desk tidies, keeping loose bits of paper under control. To make them look attractive wrapping paper can be used to cover the outside of them. People even colour coordinate this to differentiate between the contents of each tray.

Storage boxes

Another simple use for cardboard boxes is as storage boxes, particularly for items that are rarely needed or used. These are a cheaper alternative to buying plastic boxes and can function just as well as long as they are not overfilled. Remember to label boxes clearly so that items can easily be found when needed.

Indoor seed labels

If you have green fingers and grow a lot of plants from seed then boxes can be cut into strips and used as labels. Simply trim them down to size and write the name of the plant on them before sticking it into the pot of soil.

Imaginative toys

Boxes make great kids’ toys. With a little bit of imagination they can quickly and easily be transformed into dens, cars, pirate ships, shop fronts and more. This is a great way to reuse a box as well as keep children entertained for an hour or two!

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