Martins Mill Packaging stocks a wide range of bags for all types of purpose, and if there isn’t one to suit your purpose, Martins Mill Packaging can help you specify a customised bag that will be exactly what you require. What you intend to use your bags for will determine whether you should select heavy duty bags or medium duty bags, and we have a good choice of useful weights and sizes.

When choosing medium duty polythene bags, or heavy duty bags, look at the weight specification. Polythene bags are useful for many purposes, and it can be difficult to decide which weight is best for you. The thickness or density of a polythene bag is measured in gauge (Imperial) or micron (European metric). To convert from Imperial gauge to European microns, divide by four.  Heavy duty bags with a higher gauge or micron are thicker and stronger.  Medium gauge polythene bags are ideal for general business use, or for storing or transporting moderately heavy small items without sharp edges. Medium duty polythene bags are used extensively in small shops, or businesses. Heavy Duty bags will be more suitable for larger, heavier items, with some degree of sharp edges, such as hardware, or tools.

Refuse sacks are generally used to confine and transport refuse, but can also be used for a variety of other ad hoc purposes. While heavy duty bags, around 300 gauge, will give better service for heavy refuse, with sharp edges, such as garden waste, or heavy household items, medium duty bags, in 160 gauge polythene, can also be useful if refuse is likely to be light, without sharp edges.

If you are intending to use your bags for even larger items, such as mattresses, then consider how durable your bag will need to be, for the amount of transportation, handling and storage the mattress will encounter. Heavy duty bags will help protect furniture when moving or storing, but for short term storage, or occasional handling, then medium duty bags may suffice.

For more advice about whether to choose heavy duty bags, or lighter weight medium duty bags for the items you intend to wrap, consult the helpful packaging experts at Martins Mill Packaging.