A woven polypropylene sack is an incredibly good product, combining the strength required to carry large weight, with also being light weight itself. As a result, they are often the chosen choice for packaging many different items, such as rice, logs, nuts and bolts, coal and many more items besides.

Bags come in a variety of sizes, but usually, they hold anywhere between 10kg to 50kg and can be used by both domestic and commercial clientele.

At Martins Mill Packaging, we have three different types of bags available. These are:

  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Bags and Sacks
  • Net Bags
  • Standard Polypropylene Bags and sacks.

If you require sacks for any packaging of items such as logs and other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today. We can provide a range of bags quickly, as well as provide support on how to package/store your products effectively.