Packing up books when you are moving office or home can be quite a stressful task if not carried out properly. A common mistake is to try and fit too many books into a box which makes it difficult to lift as well as likely to rip in transit. To make sure your books safely get from A to B we recommend the following:

Use strong, small boxes

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to box size for transporting books. Using smaller boxes means the weight will be limited and that the box will be less likely to break during delivery.

Place books in flat

Always lie books down flat when packing them in the box. This can help avoid damaged occurring to either the spine or the pages which would otherwise have books places directly upon them.

Fill in any gaps

Once you have finished packing the books it is important to fill in any gaps to avoid them moving around in transit and damaging each other or the box itself. You could use bubble wrap to do this, or if you are moving house some clothes or sheets would also do the trick.

Label the box correctly

Regardless of whether it is a commercial or domestic move or the package is being sent somewhere by post, it’s important that the box is labelled properly. This will help removal companies know where to put it in a new property or help ensure it reaches its intended final destination by mail.

Martins Mill Packaging offer a variety of packing products including single, double and triple wall cartons. We also stock a wide range of polythene and polypropylene bags, bubble wrap and tape. For more information or to get some advice about packing items correctly please get in touch today on 01422 363 935.