Christmas is one of the busiest times of year in terms of sending parcels. When wrapping boxes it’s important not only to have the correct paper or packaging at hand, but to also leave enough time to pay attention to detail to ensure they look professional. Here are our top tips for a fantastically wrapped box:

  1. Choose and cut the paper carefully

Sometimes wrapping a box is purely functional and in this care, the style of wrapping paper is not too important as long as it is robust enough. If however, the box being wrapped is for someone special then take time to identify a suitable colour and pattern. When it comes to cutting the paper, make sure scissors are sharp and that you cut in long, smooth movements to avoid tatty looking, jagged edges.

  1. Make sure there’s enough paper for some overlap

When cutting your paper ensure that they is sufficient paper to create some overlap when taping. This will avoid the paper having to be pulled too taught as well as make it much easier for you to stick each of the sides down. Always tape out of view if possible too, so for example on a rectangular box aim to tape on the side which is underneath.

  1. Don’t forget the finish

To make sure the wrapping looks professional, make sharp corners by using you thumb and forefinger. Then add a gift tag in the same or complementary colour and perhaps a ribbon or bow too.

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