Although everyone uses cardboard boxes, it is imperative to know which type of packaging is best suited for the product or object it is that is being packed, as some materials are better than others depending on what the product is.

Here at MMP, we offer a range of different packaging materials and have put together an essential guide to help you understand what type of packaging is best suited to your needs.


As we approach Christmas, everyone will be getting their cardboard boxes ready to wrap up their gifts. It’s no wonder why cardboard is so popular, it is cheap, easy to use and very practical, not to mention the fact that it is very easy to reuse and recycle. We sell cardboard both in sheet form and box form. Cardboard can be used to package most things be it large or small, as well as being in the convenient storage shape of a cube, hence why this is all courier services’ primary form of packaging.


We offer various types of plastic packaging, ranging from polythene and polypropylene bags, to single, double and triple wall cartons, layer sheets, and die cuts just to name a few. Plastic is very good for packaging perishables such as food and also for keeping things weatherproofed such as clothes or papers. Although plastic is probably the cheapest form of packaging, it manages to remain lightweight and strong.

Unfortunately, even though plastic is a good packaging material, it is very damaging to the environment as it takes decades to biodegrade and often contaminates the ground where it is buried at landfill sites. Plastic makes up approximately 10% of all rubbish in our bins


Glass is mainly used for foods and liquids and has the benefit of being strong, easy to recycle and inalterable. It is the staple form of packaging at home in the kitchen, in the form of jars, glasses, bowls and jugs to name a few. The downside to glass is that it tends to be quite a heavy material and under some force will shatter, which makes distribution quite difficult, and often requires secondary packaging to ensure that the glass doesn’t break.

At MMP we offer numerous packaging solutions and would recommend browsing our materials. Alternatively you can contact us on: 01422 363935