Martins Mill Packaging has been supplying a comprehensive range of packaging for all types of businesses for over 20 years, and in that time has seen many innovative new products becoming widely used as everyday packaging. Spiral sewn tubing is a useful addition to any packaging department’s stores, and is among the most versatile types of packaging for larger items of assorted sizes you could find. Ideal for general packaging and outer layer protection, spiral sewn tubing can be cut to the exact length you require, for convenient provision of packaging material where items may be bulky, or differing sizes, or where speed and convenience is important.

Spiral sewn tubing comes on a roll in several useful standard widths. It is sewn on the bias (diagonal) to allow the fabric to stretch slightly in use, providing a useful degree of flexibility for even the most awkward of objects.

Woven polypropylene spiral sewn tubing comes in a continuous roll, ready for cutting to the exact size you require. This makes for a quick and simple way to wrap various different sized items without ordering in a selection of large bags to cover all sizes. A huge advantage of having a roll of spiral sewn tubing as part of your packaging armoury, is that items of differing size and shape can be easily wrapped without wastage.

To make your own customised polypropylene bags from the spiral sewn tubing, simply slide the item to be wrapped inside the spiral sewn tube, cut length to size, and fasten with cable ties. The plastic coating of the woven polypropylene has a smooth interior to avoid snagging or damage to delicate items. Spiral sewn tubing offers an easy way to wrap bulky or irregular shapes without wasting packaging when trimming to fit, and the continuous roll means no wastage.

For more information about ways spiral sewn tubing can benefit your business, contact the knowledgeable packaging team at Martins Mill Packaging. The experienced packaging team at Martins Mill Packaging can advise you about packaging products ideally suited for your specific requirements.