To ensure that all the Christmas presents you are going to spend hours wrapping arrive on time and in one piece, we’ve decided to write a few top tips when packaging Christmas gifts for the post.

It should be noted that if you have any particularly large or obscure items in need of wrapping that you consult a courier or wrapping professional for advice. You can contact Martins Mill Packaging on: 01422 363935.


The best packaging material is corrugated cardboard for several reasons, mainly because it keeps the present-curious people guessing as to what it is that’s inside the box! Cardboard is an excellent material for providing a lightweight, durable and ultimately very protective casing to whatever object is concealed inside. Not to mention the fact that it is also incredibly easy to wrap!


As supposed to wrapping the cardboard box in Christmas paper, instead wrap the present as you would normally and then cover in ample bubble wrap before placing it in an appropriately sized cardboard box or bag. This ensures that the item is unlikely to get damaged and also means that the present’s identity is kept secret even after the cardboard box has been opened.


If you are sending or receiving any large presents it is recommended that if the item comes in a box, you keep it, as this makes the item much easier for packaging and distributing later on. Not to mention that it is also doing your bit for the environment by re-using instead of buying new materials. Additionally, if the present is not being delivered, try and keep it hidden either in your own house or a neighbours / family members to prevent anyone from finding it!

DON’T FORGET…to check with the Royal Mail or your local couriers for their last posting dates.

AND ALSO…remember to flat pack and recycle any unwanted paper, cardboard or plastic after the big day!