All of our possessions carry with them some form of sentimental value, whether they are family keepsakes or just carry memories. Either way, they all help turn a house into a home, which is why it is so important to keep them safe. If you’re preparing for your belongings to be transported it is essential that you package them correctly.

As with everything good preparation will give better results and that applies to packaging your belongings too. If you take the time to prepare before your possessions are sent in transit, then you can expect a much safer journey and a much less risk of anything breaking. Some of the measures you can take to ensure a safe transportation of your items is investing in bubble wrap and boxes.

Bubble wrap is almost essential in packaging your belongings especially if you have fragile items. Things like glassware or ornaments should always be individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Unless your item has a box of its own then bubble wrap should always be used as a make shift packaging. The extra layer of protection is an extremely cheap form of packaging but can go a long way in preventing scratches, scruffs, breakages.

Another essential form of packaging you will need for your possessions is cardboard boxes. Boxes in general work well but cardboard boxes have the benefits of being collapsible to save space, lightweight and cheap to get hold of. Boxes are great for putting lots of items in one place to save time and space. Items that have been bubble wrapped or come in their own packaging can be neatly organised in boxes so they don’t move around too much and run less of a risk of breaking.

Boxes and bubble wrap provide a substantial amount of protection for your belongings and should always be used for packaging. They also provide you with a huge amount of peace of mind assured that your possession will arrive safe and sound, especially if you’re moving home, which can already be a stressful endeavour.

Martin Mills Packaging provide a wide range of supplies that can protect your personal belongings and make for a safer, less stressful transportation. These include cable ties, polypropylene bags, tape, boxes and bubble wrap. For more information on how we can help with the safety of your possessions, call us now 01422 363935.