Trying to pack up your belongings ready to move home can be an extremely stressful time – especially if its your first time moving home. It’s for that reason our Halifax team have put together this helpful guide to help homeowners through the packing process – starting with our advice on how many packing boxes you will need to move home.

Firstly, it’s important to realise that not all of your belongings will need to be boxed for the removal company.  Soft items such as bedding, rugs and clothing can all go in bags or suitcases to help you transport them easily.

Once you’ve singled out what’s left to put in the packing boxes, it’s time to find out how many you’ll need and what sizes you require. At Martins Mill Packaging in Halifax, we offer a variety of removal boxes ideal for all, including large, medium and small boxes, bubble wrap, polythene bags and tape.

It’s important that you order the right size boxes, as this will make the packing and unpacking process much easier in the long run. We also advise that you protect every box, filling them with bubble wrap or newspaper to stop anything from breaking. Make sure you use strong tape so nothing can fall out of the box during transport and to ensure that they don’t collapse.

On average a 2-3 bed home in Halifax will need:

  • 1x roll of large tape
  • 1x marker pan
  • Around 20m of bubble wrap
  • 6x large boxes
  • 14x medium boxes
  • 8x small boxes

In regards to an average 3-4 bed house in Halifax, you’ll need:

  • 1x roll of large tape
  • 1x marker pan
  • Around 20m of bubble wrap
  • 10x large boxes
  • 16x medium boxes
  • 12x small boxes

Please note that these are just averages and our experienced team recommend you check how many packing boxes you need beforehand.

Martins Mill Packaging is a Halifax-based packaging company that offer a vast rage of products such as bags, boxes, bubblewrap, wrap and tape. For more information on our products or how we can help you during your move, call us on 01422 363935.