When it comes to sending a parcel, it’s really important to wrap it securely in order for it to reach its destination in perfect condition. At Martin Mills Packaging we are experienced in providing effective packing solutions for all our clients and recommend following the steps below when wrapping items for delivery:

  1. Fragile items

With fragile items it’s important that they do not touch the side of the container, or each other if more than one is being sent in the same batch. To prevent this happening, make sure they are wrapped in protective material such as bubble-wrap and also fill the container with further cushioning such as polystyrene. Using a ‘fragile’ sticker on the outside of the packaging is also a good idea.

  1. Heavy items

If you are sending any heavy items it is important to check that the container or box you are using is robust enough for the goods. If the packaging is not strong enough it is likely to rip or break causing problems during delivery.

  1. Tape

Whatever item you are sending it is a could idea to secure the parcel with tape along each of its openings and edges to ensure the contents remain within it.

  1. Labelling

Finally, as well as packaging the item correctly, it’s important to include a full address as well as postcode. Providing a return address on the outside of the parcel is also recommended.

Martin Mills Packaging supply a variety of products that enable our customers to send their goods safely and efficiently all over the world. In addition to parcel wrap we also stock a wide range of bags, cartons and tubing in different sizes and our packaging can be personalised with your business’s name on request. Please get in touch with us today on 01422 363 935 to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.