When it comes to packaging, some of us just cram as many items into a space as possible even when it sometimes doesn’t make any sense to so, particularly when the items in question are spherical, triangular or a different shape entirely. So, Martin’s Mill Packaging has been kind enough to provide a short guide to packaging oddly shaped items.


Round items such as footballs and wheels should be placed in a strong cardboard or plastic box with extra padding / reinforcing material being placed in the remaining gaps. This helps to keep the item from moving around in the container whilst also making it a more pack-friendly shape.

Cylindrical items such as posters, vase’s, rolls of carpet etc. should be wrapped in a protective layer such as bubble wrap before being placed in a box with other items of a similar size. If the item is indeed a vase or similarly fragile, it is recommended that insulator packaging material such as bubble wrap or scrunched up newspaper is placed inside the hollow section of the object to provide support both inside and out.


The longer the item is, the weaker its middle becomes, which obviously makes it more vulnerable to breakages during transit. To help support an item like a fishing rod or curtain pole it is important to note where the middle of the object is as this will need to be reinforced / braced as well as wrapped in a material such as bubble wrap. Additional wrapping / reinforcement a quarter of the way along the item is necessary too as these points are week also. A layer of bubble wrap should be placed around the entirety of the item to ensure that it is protected from end to end helping reduce the chances of breaking when going over bumps.


Furniture is both heavy and awkwardly shaped, so if possible it is recommended to firstly deconstruct the piece before trying to move it, both for safety reasons and convenience. Before packing and moving a piece of furniture or other heavy object it is recommended that you get in contact with a professional moving service.

If the item/s you are struggling to pack can’t be helped by the above guide, we recommend calling us on: 01422 363935.