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Brexit, the triggering of Article 50 last month and now the surprise call for a general election on June 8th 2017 mean that it is still unclear what these unfolding changes in the UK as well as Europe will mean for the packaging industry. Here are some of the main issues and uncertainties that the sector faces:

Retaining a workforce

One of the biggest areas of uncertainty is whether there will be restrictions on immigration and if so what effect this will have on the workforce. In the past many EU workers have played a key role in seasonal packaging activity, particularly in the farming sector and in the period leading up to Christmas. At the moment it is not clear whether this workforce will still be able to work in the UK or not or if the numbers of eligible employees will decline.

Access to the single market

There are also concerns about what will happen regarding the UK’s access to the single market. The worries here are particularly acute in the food and drink sector, which could be severely affected by an increase in border checks. Changes to trade in this sector could have a knock on in the packaging one too as firms may look to take to their business elsewhere, meaning a reduced need for packaging services in the UK.

Maintaining standards

Another potential issue that has been highlighted is what leaving the EU will mean in terms of regulation. Whilst as the moment there are various standards which must be met, this could change after Brexit, leaving the UK at risk to low quality packaging is new legislation is not put in place.

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